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Bug or Annoying "feature"?

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Construction and Construction Supply comes under construction and supplying priority 

Operating and Operating Supply comes under Operating and supplying Priority

Cooking and Storing food comes under Cooking and supplying priority

Repair supply comes under Tidying and Supplying priority

Research Supply comes under Research and Supplying Priority

Critter feeders come under Storing Only (not ranching supply or supplying) so inevitably your critters are always starving as "Storing Priority" is not performed unless all other tasks are complete.


Please for the love of God can you change it to come under ranching and supplying so it actually makes some sense and my critters can actually eat? It is highly annoying to have to setup automation for every critter food in early game just so you can get established or use priority !! everytime they are empty ;-)

Steps to Reproduce

I think I was pretty clear on why this occurs above ;-)

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