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Bug in save-file migration to folders (local)

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

This is for the re-sorting of save-files into folders. It did tell me one file could not be migrated. This was a file named y013.sav, with the first save (which has the colony name as file name) missing. I name saves just as letter+number after the first one for a colony. As the new folders get named after the colony, I guess you have some logic error in there or you cannot deal with the case that no save file named the same as the colony is present or if the initial automatically made one is missing.

Also a related question: What happens if I have two different colonies named the same?

Steps to Reproduce

This is tentative, I have not tried it: In live branch, create colony, save under a different name, remove automatically made save with colony name as name, then switch to preview and see the sorting into folders report it could not move one file.

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