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Buffer/Filter Gates Behave Strangely With Large Timer Changes

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If you set a buffer/filter gate to 200s while the game is running, as you slowly lower the time you can see the timer indicator (the green ring around the outside) grow (buffer) or shrink (filter). If you continue to drag the bar left (lowering the time) that graphic becomes full on the buffer and empty on the filter. Lowering the time past this point results in odd behavior. I believe the timer cannot update to the new time and instead continues to operate on whatever was last selected. If you set the timer to 200 then drop it to .1, it will stay on 200s until the timer ends before updating to the new setting.

Steps to Reproduce
Build a buffer gate (or filter). With the game unpaused and running, drag the timer slider to max (200s). Then lower the timer (by dragging or typing in a number) all the way to .1

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