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  1. I can confirm that this is still an issue as of build Q1-300556.
  2. I was using debug mode to test out some logic gate stuff, decided to take a break so I saved and exited. When I loaded it again later, moments after unpausing the game, it crashed. If I use debug mode to destroy or deconstruct the first door on the left before unpausing (highlighted in the screen cap), this prevents the game from crashing. I re-added the door and soon enough the game client crashed again, the next time it was activated by the logic gates. SimDLL_CRASH_release_243285_20171204-00.26.37.dmp Weird Liquid Activity.sav
  3. It seems as though the mouse-over display of "Disabled by automation grid" is not functioning properly. I have some Carbon Skimmers hooked up to an Atmo Sensor, and when the sensor is passing a signal the Skimmers display "Enabled by automation grid", but when the Atmo Sensor is off, the Skimmers do not show the message "Disabled by automation grid". I also have some inoperable ("pipe blocked") Gas Pumps hooked to Atmo Sensors, and like the Skimmers they show no message about grid status when the sensor conditions are not met, however when the sensor is passing an active signal, the Gas Pumps display "Disabled by automation grid". It seems as though the automation grid status can only be displayed when there is an active signal, and when active it erroneously displays the status of the item as being due to automation. The Perfect Timeline Cycle 477.sav
  4. If you set a buffer/filter gate to 200s while the game is running, as you slowly lower the time you can see the timer indicator (the green ring around the outside) grow (buffer) or shrink (filter). If you continue to drag the bar left (lowering the time) that graphic becomes full on the buffer and empty on the filter. Lowering the time past this point results in odd behavior. I believe the timer cannot update to the new time and instead continues to operate on whatever was last selected. If you set the timer to 200 then drop it to .1, it will stay on 200s until the timer ends before updating to the new setting.
  5. It's configured fine. The plate works under the middle tile of the Scrubber, not the end where the crank is. So the plate in the middle will activate but the dupe will visibly be 1 tile over with the crank.
  6. I set up a Weight Plate under the left-most tile on the Ore Scrubber to detect when it was in use, since that is where the Duplicant is animated. However the plate did not activate, and I discovered that a Weight Plate under the center-most tile will activate when the Ore Scrubber is used. The position of the Duplicant should match their graphical location to avoid confusion.
  7. I'm not exactly sure what's happening, but there is a hatch buried under 3 tiles of sand (and several other buried objects in there as well), when I dig out the tile beneath the hatch, the sand falls, and the game crashes. A save file is included with the required tasks already queued up. DxDiag.txt The Unstoppable Dystopia Cycle 52.sav
  8. It sounds like you guys have the right of it, though I wasn't pressing Alt+C since I did it maybe 10 times and that would be a lot of times to accidentally hit both. I'm guessing I hit Alt while it was loading causing the game to get a down press event but not an up event, or something similar.
  9. Version TU0211704. I was already in game and loaded my auto-save. I pressed "c" to start giving a 'cancel' order while the icons were still greyed out, and instead a tutorial style message popped up in the message log on the left saying "This message is a notification". Each press of "c" spawned a new one, with an increasing number "This message is a notification(1)". Clicking the message brought up a tutorial style dialog about duplicants needing access to areas you give them orders in, or something of that nature. Unfortunately, when I alt+tabbed to start the bug report, the behavior ceased. I am unable to reproduce it currently.
  10. Can confirm this. The liquid compresses infinitely until the gas pocket is freed. Here's a save with a tile containing over 93000kg of contaminated water. Inescapable Abyss Cycle 269.sav
  11. I can verify that this is still happening. I've only noticed it with plumbing items and airlocks(though I haven't tested extensively), and the issue is graphical only, as the inputs remain the same, and you can place items over parts of the rotated object. Version 208689.
  12. I can't say for certain as I was unable to repeat it to begin with, but I have not experienced any crashes since the update.
  13. This is a very early colony, only cycle 6, I have some orders doled out and was waiting for them to complete when the game crashed. I have been unable to repeat it. Sorry about the lack of detail, I really have no clue what happened. Inescapable Abyss Cycle 6.sav SimDLL_CRASH_release_208348_20170301-01.0253.dmp
  14. Yes I am running 208348. Unfortunately there were no minidumps, the first was 0kb and the second crash did not produce one. Windows did produce two app crash reports, which I've attached, just in case it's useful. On the first crash I also did report it via the in game crash report screen. Report.wer Report.wer