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Broken and flooded building messages when the issue is environmental

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Sometimes an ice biome will be corrupted due to world generation abyssalite wall damage, and the whole thing will melt. If there is anĀ Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier in there it may become flooded with water or polluted water, at which point it will raise a "flooded" warning if you've discovered it, which will persist until you go in there and fix it.

Likewise, if ruins spawn in an oil biome it's possible for hot oil to flood machinery (for example a battery) and damage it. Once discovered this warning will persist until you go and fix it.

Warning messages should warn me of something that I care about and can do something about. If it's my building, sure, warn me. But if it's something that I can see but can't path to yet, perhaps because I don't want to break open the biome it's in, the warning message is unwelcome.

Since I can't turn it off I suggest thatĀ this is a bug and will report it as such.

Steps to Reproduce
See description.
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