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Bluetooth headphones required to hear sound after Expressive Update

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The last time I played ONI was about three days ago and I was probably using my Bluetooth headphones (<-- Probably an important note). Today I decided to use my wired headphones to play the game. I clicked the desktop icon to start the game, the Expressive Update was downloaded, steam then finally started the game. I had no sound at any point in the game. I have no hardware changes and no software installations since the game's sound last worked (about 3 days ago). My audio configuration has not changed either, though I often change the audio output device; Sometimes I use Bluetooth headphones and sometimes wired (3.5 mm) headphones. Attached is the analysis from DxDiag. I searched the proper directory for a log file and it does not exist.

Things I have checked / tried:

  1. Steam file integrity check (all was fine)
  2. In-game sound options (all sliders at max sound)
  3. Can play music and video and hear them
  4. Ran the Windows 10 sound issue diagnosis (all was fine)
  5. Restarted my computer
  6. Opened and properly exited the game about 10 times


As I was writing this, I decided to try my Bluetooth headphones. I turned them on, paired them with my PC, then selected them as the current audio output (all steps I normally take). I started ONI and now I have sound again! Hmm. Perhaps I fixed something. Lets try the wired headphones again. I exited the game, selected my wired (3.5 mm) headphones as the audio output device, and restarted the game. No audio, again.

It appears that ONI is now locked in such a way that I can only use my Bluetooth headphones for audio. Again, this was never an issue before. I have always been able to switch between these headphones, as long as I follow the following rules:

  1. Chose audio device 1
  2. Start game and play
  3. Exit game
  4. Choose audio device 2
  5. Start game and play
  6. Exit game
  7. ...



Steps to Reproduce
1) Install ONI pre Expressive Update 2) Use Bluetooth headphones connected via USB Bluetooth dongle as main sound output device 3) Play ONI. Exit ONI 4) Update ONI with the Expressive Upgrade 5) Switch audio device to a wired soundcard output 6) Play ONI At step 6, audio might not work anymore on wired outputs. Changing the audio output device to Bluetooth, then starting ONI results in proper audio output.

User Feedback

Hey @ANON96565, thanks for the detailed post!

It likely contains stuff you've already tried, but this post contains a list of what we usually found fixes this. Take a look and see if there's anything you haven't tried yet.

Barring that, could you please try switching to the audio_logging_enabled branch, launching the game with your wired headphones plugged in, going to your OxygenNotIncluded.exe folder, looking for "fmod.log" and uploading it to this post? This'll help us figure out exactly what's going on in your case.


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