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Balance issues-Airflow, Scrubber, Air pumps, Power, Raw minerals

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The airflow after update is slower, creating layers of air diagonally co2/o2/co2, oxygen stays below co2 because cant go around it, i understand that this was intended to help players but co2 sinks very slow, oxygen expands very slow, buildings hit max air pressure.

Air scrubber  consumes only few grams of co2. Setting up with purifier, which needs extra water to cool  down, makes even worse, bottom right corner where coriolis force should stack co2, never reaches decent amount. Pumping out or even terrariums, freezing it and mopping are easier. Should work better.

Air pumps therefore should move more air/use less power, maybe different tier of pumps needed with wide pipes. But actually electrolyzers need 2-3 air pumps each if sealed in a room. would make more sensible system if a pump could take 75-100% more air from point A to B.

As hydrogen is cold for dupes, not a good idea to let it float in base. But stucks under gas permeable ties, stays below oxygen layer.

Therefore complete filtering, energy setup, containment needed for an electrolyzer from start. output pipes on it could solve this issue, i mean, too much hassle to make them work properly and not a nice setup having 4 of them with like 8-12 air pumps.

Manual generators with 400 watts are much better than 600 for coal, 800 for hydrogen. Automatic machinery should produce more watts in comparison to make it worthwhile.

Bigger battery,built in battery. A system with 2000 watts needs like 30 batteries daily, would be nice to have more space efficient tier of batteries or add to machines as upgrade portable ones.

Rejuvenators are too fast in comparison to beds.

Duplicants sick/tired only got a little work off, they would need to be more punishing to workforce. Medicine skill should improve recovery and recovery the skill. Tired dupes complain a bit on 0% stamina but can work. They should do random stuff spending time when tired, and manage them better to work all time.

Outhouses still have priority over lavatory waking them up at night. A better system needed to handle lavatory , like if has no water they should fill manually and shouldnt give errors each time somebody using it. also fertilizer from outhouses seems to be more compared from lavatories.

Raw minerals are filling way too many storage boxes, creating lot of lagg and pathfinding. Digging for metal is nice, getting better raw minerals shoud be same, sandstone could be a worse solution visually and mechanically.

Duplicants are only hungry under 50% but they wont eat twice if first intake is less-500 calories. Rations should/could be obligatory for them or a manual way to force them eat close to 60% go to toilet around 90%. Their fullness caps at 85% even with 1500 rations, they could eat more in timeoff. They should work less on high stamina, stress more on lower or just do more things for their own pleasure. Negative stress should be also possible, making them "store" a bit happiness. Giving them day off they would eat until ration cap, go to toilet, hang in a nice environment chilling.

Steps to Reproduce
Playing game too easy/then too hard, no steps between, some buildings not work as intended/wont make sense/dont look or feel nice in long run. Punish/reward not balanced. Some indirect control and more micromanagement needed.

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