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Backround is space instead of gas overlay and crashes.

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When I play a game instead of seeing carbon, oxygen, etc. i get space vacumm and constant flashing lights.Also the game crashes after about ten minutes of turning ONI on.

Steps to Reproduce
I just got on one day and suddenly the game was space.

User Feedback

Hello @Gameboyplayz1, welcome to the forums.

For now, could you go through the steps in the following link: Klei Support Article: Oxygen Not Included Troubleshooting Guide

And if possible always add log files to your reports, shown here: Klei Support Article: Logs and Useful Information for Bug Reports

The log files will help the devs identify if something with the base game version should be fixed OR if this might be an isolated issue with your PC.

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I get this as well. I just downloaded the new update today and started to play but my background flickers from space to the regular background. I did not play long enough for it to crash. I tried turning textures down but it didn't work.

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