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Available new duplicants are reset on loading a save

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

TL;DR; Available duplicants change every time the game is loaded.


I'm in Cycle 25 right now and kept the latest available duplicants to choose on of them later when I got things ready for him. I saved the game and loaded it later on and the original choice of duplicants was gone and three new were available. This seems to happen on every load. I attached the save file in case it does not happen generally.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Save a game with new duplicants available 2. Take a look at the duplicants available 3. Load the save 4. Look at the duplicants available again

User Feedback

This has been happening as long as I remember and has been reported previously.

My "guess" is that it is Working as Intended or just not important enough to track down.

Theoretically it can be exploited to get someone with stats that you want by reloading the game until you get someone good; but most of the time it is not worth the hassle of reloading the game... just wait 3 days for new choices. (And honestly, once you have played long enough, most people are usable if not ideal, especially since the Occupation update just under a year ago.)

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