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Autosaves were overwritten and manual save was corrupted

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I went to bed last night and all of my duplicants were alive. I try to load back this morning and Day 113, 112, 111, and 110 are all the same save suddenly and all saved only 1 second apart. My manual save from before I went to bed is now all messed up. A duplicant's corpse is stuck in an unreachable area of the map, I'm suddenly missing a bunch of materials, and most of my duplicants have earned a skill point.

Steps to Reproduce

How the hell would I know? I'm sure as hell not going to try and recreate it.

User Feedback

The log you uploaded is not from when you where playing the game (when the error happend). You did not provide a save file or any other means of looking for the problem you have. Form the log the only thing is that you have a lot of mods loaded and i wonder if all are compatible with build U43-526233-S (Sweet Dreams update patch).

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