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Automation Not Synchronized with Ventilation - Resolved

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Basically, a custom version of a "gas filter" cannot be created with gas shutoffs and element sensors, because despite the automation and valves appearing to usually light up and operate nearly correctly, they either fail to filter, or let incorrect gas through at random. I attached pictures of the setup, all of the extra gas bridges are to make sure the issues aren't being caused by backwards flow.



The Needy Moonbase.sav


Steps to Reproduce
In the simplest form, Two shutoffs are attached to different sides of a pipe with an element sensor. One shutoff is attached the the sensor, the other attached using a not filter to make sure only one shutoff will ever be open at a time. Despite shutoff animations appearing to function correctly the gas isn't filtered in any understandable way.

User Feedback

The automation for gas filtering works fine, but you're expecting the sensor to do gas routing, I guess?(just going by how the setup looked)  Pipe element sensor in conjunction with shutoffs need to be set up so that the gas flows directly from the sensor pipe section, to the shutoff input.  I've reattached your save with a demonstration of this added in.


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