Auto-Wrangle Issues

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Just witnessed my rancher attempting to auto-wrangle a puft but aiming in entirely the wrong direction.20190406220059_1.thumb.jpg.fe717876491207f2dc70b98d1db252f6.jpg


Turner did the same thing a second time immediately afterwards. They did not manage to capture either of them.

However, I did notice upon zooming out that two separate critters within the same space that were nowhere near Turner had been wrangled: a completely different puft at the end of the small storage area, and a shinebug at the middle left of this image.


As far as I'm aware, flying creatures have to be directly called over to the Critter Drop-Off (with auto-wrangle enabled) in order to be captured, so I can only assume that the reason Turner didn't capture the two pufts they called over is because they decided to do a trickshot roughly 40 squares away.


Steps to Reproduce
I'm not entirely why it happened, but first thing you need is the Critter Drop-Off with the box checked for auto-wrangle. In my setup the space these critters are in is 6974 tiles according to the room overlay, and the Critter Drop-Off says there are 34 critters in the area. Maybe the size contributed to the bug?

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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