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Auto-Sweeper inside Blossom farm crashes the game

Eduardo Elias
  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

When I try to add 3 auto-sweepers inside the Blossoms farm, the game crashes almost instantly.


Steps to Reproduce
  1. Load the save
  2. Go to planet Vitalito. (It'll be probably there)
  3. Un-pause for a couple of seconds (to load stuff)
  4. Pause the game again
  5. Find a Blossoms farm with some Grubgrubrubingthegrubs thing (loved the name btw). (Will probably be on the center of the screen on load)
  6. Add an auto-sweeper anywhere (I usually add 3, getting the whole room).
  7. Un-pause, crash

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
ObjectLayerListItem.Refresh (System.Int32 new_cell) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/ObjectLayerListItem.cs:59)
ObjectLayerListItem.Update (System.Int32 cell) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/ObjectLayerListItem.cs:72)
Pickupable.OnCellChange () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/components/Pickupable.cs:479)
CellChangeMonitor.RenderEveryTick () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/Plugins/Klei/util/CellChangeMonitor.cs:194)
Game.Update () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/Game.cs:1341)


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