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Auto-Sweeper errands preserved through deactivation by automation

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I want auto-sweepers to only load 1000kg packages into conveyor loaders, so I used a timer sensor to activate the sweeper for 5 seconds, then deactivate it for 90 seconds - enough time for the conveyor loader to empty out.

However, the auto-sweeper preserves its errand throughout the deactivation. This is what happens:

  1. Conveyor Loader is empty.
  2. Auto-Sweeper is activated
  3. Errand to load 1000kg into empty loader is executed
  4. Conveyor Loader unloads it's first 20 kg package onto the rail
  5. Auto-Sweeper wants to re-fill, but gets deactivated by the timer
  6. Conveyor Loader unloads fully
  7. Auto-Sweeper is activated
  8. Auto-Sweeper continues it's preserved task and loads 20kg into the conveyor loader
  9. Auto-Sweeper is deactivated

Not sure if this is technically a bug, but it sure is unexpected/illogical behaviour, so I'll leave it here.

Workaround for now: Allowing the auto-sweeper to be active for 2 errands (10 seconds), gets the desired resultĀ 

Steps to Reproduce


  1. a conveyor loader
  2. an auto-sweeper
  3. a timer sensor controlling the auto-sweeper (5 seconds active / 90 seconds inactive)

Drop a few tons of material, e.g. coal within reach of the sweeper

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