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Audio Glitch

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Even on start up, the game's audio is continuously cutting in and out? It's not my speakers nor my pc, as Spotify is working just fine, and all my other hundreds of games are working just fine. It's super irritating, as I can't play the game without sound, cause I'm picky like that, and the audio cutting in and out the way it is, is infuriating. So I basically can't play right now, til the issue is fixed. I've tried reloading the game multiple times, doesn't fix it. Tried messing about with my audio settings in game, doesn't fix it either. 

Steps to Reproduce
I literally just opened the game.

User Feedback

Hey @DontBother, sorry about that.

Could you take a look at this link and see if any of these things help? 

In the meantime, can you grab me your dxdiag and I can take a look to see if anything jumps out as unusual?http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/articles/2503104-how-can-i-find-my-dxdiag-file

My initial thought would be to try disabling/uninstalling any third party audio software like Nahimic and see if it is better, because those programs sometimes interfere with FMOD, our audio middleware.

Let me know!

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