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[AU-221865] Balance - good diggers will incur higher stress

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It's the only job that by-design requires you in ugly locations - and the better your dupe is at digging the more they hate it.  Stopping digging to place decor isn't that fun.  What I've found I need to do is rotate jobs between digging and those that can be done in a constrained location (such as cooking).  For 1-2 dupes this is ok but beyond that it's more micro than I like.

Few approaches I can see:

  • Leave it as it is - it's a dirty job, this is a way of saying 'I did my time'
  • Dupes really love digging - while actually digging give them a "doing a job I love" bonus to offset the stress incurred from drab surroundings
  • Create a natural alternate use for digging that can take place in nicer surroundings 
  • ???  Y'all are more creative than I am :)

Steps to Reproduce
Set a digging dupe to only dig. After a while they'll get so good at it they go crazy for being stuck in a dead end job

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