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[au-221865] Auto harvest turns it self on from manual harvest.

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My sleet wheat plants slowly return to auto harvest after I mark them for manual harvest only.



Steps to Reproduce
1) Plant sleet wheat. 2) Set to manual harvest 3) Wait at least 6 cycles and some plants may switch to auto harvest.

User Feedback

That's not the same plant. When it dies and new one is planted, it will get the default setting, on for farm plant, off for wild plant.

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When you put it like that I guess I have more of a suggestion than a bug. I have more food growing than I'll need in the foreseeable future. I wanted the dupes to stop working on half the plants. I would like to see the planters finish growing their current plant, but then stop being worked on. The only solutions I came up with was to use priority 1 and to keep the dupes relatively busy. And or just dig up the plants early which isn't ideal.

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