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[AU-221864] Compost getting entombed in Dirt

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It happened for the second time that this compost got entombed in dirt. I assume it is fertilizer turned into dirt by temperature since the compost is 126 C and the "melting point" of fertilizer where it turns to dirt is 125 C. Note the compost is made of abyssalite. It was not intentional but the game offered it as default material at the time I was building it and I did not care. I would guess the compost will continue to produce Sand when it gets to high enough temperature.

I believe the temperature of the compost's product should be capped below its melting point. Maybe even the heat generation should be reconsidered for abyssalite buildings, or perhaps availability of abyssalite for buildings that produce "normal operation" heat?


The Duplicant Acropolis.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Build a compost out of abyssalite. Set its temperature high enough and watch it produce.

User Feedback

public void TryEmit()
	PrimaryElement primaryElement = base.master.storage.FindPrimaryElement(base.master.emitHash);
	if (primaryElement != null && primaryElement.Mass >= base.master.emitMassThreshold)
		primaryElement.Temperature = base.master.GetComponent<PrimaryElement>().Temperature;

Yep. I have to inquire why the Compost building isn't using the ElementDropper component used by everything else.

Also strange that the temperature isn't handled instantly.

Edit: Actually, watch the temperature in the storage when it changes.



Sharing a PrimaryElement component for a moment there.

Edit 2: More specifically sharing a sim handle for the callback from SetElementChunkData
which only has data for temperature and heat capacity.

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