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[AU-221662] ONI being a resource hog while in background

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ONI listens to mouse (movement) events when in background (behind other windows), when hovering over the upfront window it still updates the interface (highlights, tooltips, whatnot).

Additionally it runs the full render loop without having focus and being paused.

Suggestion: Nothing speaks about continuing to run norrmally in case the tab-out happens while the simulation is running (=not being paused ingame), but when losing focus while being paused the game should hibernate (shutdown render loop and whatnot, except to redraw the screen (in case it gets a message for the OS that it has to reconstruct a part that is now no longer being clipped by another window) to free up both CPU and GPU.

Steps to Reproduce
Pause game, tab out, deal with a sluggish PC heating your room needlessly.

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