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ATN room keep filling up on carbon dioxide

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EDIT: Thanks to a comment, I re-watched the last 5 cycles played and it seems I understood PART of the problem (I still don't get how 330kg of Carbon Dioxide ended up being where the are). It looks like a weird interaction between a specific temperature and carbon dioxide has led to very little carbon dioxide change the three forms (solid, liquid and gas) and as such, due to the bug that multiply carbon dioxide by 10 times when it gets crystallized. At this point it could be a similar problem when I released the liquid carbon to the rest of the environment, maybe there is a bug in the evaporation process of carbon dioxide which multiply again the quantity? I don't know.  


I am in the development build so technically a preview branch but the patch was released yesterday so I think I should be playing on the "normed" patch for the moment.

I have created a little SPOM attached to the AETN and it was working perfectly fine until some cycle ago. Now here's the thing: I don't know what it triggered the bug(?) but I noticed that some molten slickster were just stuck and even tho they could move (confirmed by show navigation) they were actually stuck not doing anything not even eating. In the last week I "fixed" some minor bug by just saving, closing and re-opening (good old Windows tricks) so I did the same this time. They started moving and eating, but they were not releasing any petroleum. I monitored the situation for some cycles and thought it could be a bug as well so I did the exact same: save, closed and re-opened it. Again, I do not know what triggered it but one of the three molten slickster started producing petroleum, I thought slickster were just a bit bugged and moved on; 

Now I think it starts here: after reloading two of my dupes (who should not have been allowed inside the AETN room were inside the room and couldn't get out (because I disallowed dupes from passing through that door). I got them out, forbid the door again, and moved on. After some cycles I noticed that the flooding structures increased and one of this was my AETN. It was flooded of liquid carbon dioxide (??????) and the room was completely filled up by carbon dioxide (6k gas each tile). I opened, mopped it, let it out a bit, and then closed it again. I thought something very weird happened when the dupes went in by a bug of some sort(?). Soon enough, after two or three cycles, the AETN room was COMPLETELY filled up with liquid carbon dioxide again: carbon was back boys. The structure was completely flooded (5x3 of liquid carbon dioxide). I did not take a screenshot of it but you can take a look at the image and have an idea of how much carbon was in it. I let it all out, in a single cycle by just opening the door and mopping again. I figured it would become gas eventually and just cool a bit some biomes of my planet who cares.


Now here's the thing, after one cycle the AETN room was filled up by carbon dioxide gas AGAIN. This time we are talking about 11-12k each tile, and it is starting to liquify again. I thought I did something wrong when I let it out and took a look at what happened to the liquid I just released. 


Now here's the thing, I dont understand what's happening but the carbon dioxide has just increased in its volume: where it should lay the liquid I let out of the AETN room there's now just gas but the quantity... we are talkiin from 50 to 300 kg of carbon dioxide each tile! How did this happen? What is creating this much carbon dioxide out of absolutely nowhere?!



I have attached the save game here. I did not continue playing after this bug incident so I don't know what will happen, if it will keep multiplying, if it is related to the AETN room, even thou I think it should, right?


Best, Stray!

P.S. Sorry if the format is not super clear, it is my first time reporting a bug so I am a bit out of my comfort zone!



Screenshot (97).png

Screenshot (99).png

Steps to Reproduce
As explained, cleaned the room of carbon dioxide, did it again. After some cycle it respawn and somehow increase its quantity at the bottom of the map (from 5 kg to 330kg )
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