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Atmo suit disableing itself.

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I had Atmo suits, an atmo dock, and several atmo bays. Everyone was going out and using them as usual but then I started getting a re-occurring problem where they would all stop using the atmo suits, and refuse to go outside. it would also change my resources available to only what was before the atmo suit check in. I did stream the video, but it was an 11 hour stream so I don't think I can upload in a 99mb file. I would give the link and a good time stamp for you to see it.

3:54:00 - I go through and show the symptoms of the glitch, and if you start watching at 3:46:00 you can see when I turn it off and the symptoms show.


I love the game, keep up the great work guys, and hopefully this will help you identify the problem. 

Steps to Reproduce
Build an atmo station, docks, and bays. Then suddenly they all stop going outside, and you can see all the resources past the point of the atmo suit check point disappear from availability, and none of them will go outside.

User Feedback

Hi @blueinferno,

From what I can tell in your video it appears that the suits are not being used because the suit lockers are losing power. If you have a save file to upload that is displaying the issue then we can take a more thorough look into your situation.

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