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Assigning dupe to a rocket requires them to be in work schedule

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If a dupe is not in work schedule and is assigned to a 9 priority rocket it will not go until you deselect the dupe and make sure they are in work schedule. Dupe will not go to rocket even if they have finished their downtime or sleep schedule.

Steps to Reproduce

Priority 9 on a command rocket and assign a dupe to it making sure they are not in work schedule. Wait for their sleep/downtime schedule to finish and observe dupe will still not head to the rocket.

User Feedback

Agree.There is more than that. I am using two separate entrance to surface. One is without atmo suits just for rocket pilot (there is atmo suit in rocket command module).

If I assign one of my pilots to the rocket, he/she will start going to perform this errand. When I then open second route just for him/her and close the first one (to prevent him/her from wearing atmo suit) then the errant is skipped and duplicants are acting like You described. I need to re-assign them to rocket again in that case.

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