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AP-420700 Hidden access permissions

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My duplicants cannot pass down through this door due to hidden access permissions (see first screenshot of Nisbet's navigation). As soon as I change the permissions for an individual duplicant, they can move through the door. But the access permission by default is bidirectional and no special restrictions are visible (see second screenshot). Having a default of bidirectional and a unique assignment of bidirectional should not be different, but it is. This is evident in the save file.




Save file:



I played more on this save. Turns out all of my doors are now screwed up. I have duplicants in restricted areas and other duplicants that cannot pass common doors. I need to redo all my door permissions, which is no easy matter. I have been setting up these permissions for thousands of cycles.

Steps to Reproduce

Unsure how this happened. All I can say is that I had a duplicant in this "upper living space" and had him and only him restricted from moving down through this door. He then died and does not appear in the permission list. Perhaps when he died his permission became applied as the global, but that isn't being displayed? Definitely need to dig under the hood for this one Klei.

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