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Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier too cold at 30ºC

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The title is kind of all I have to say...
I was trying to use my oxygen generating system to cool off the water from my reservoir that was way too hot and the AETN would sometimes stop working displaying the tooltip "Too cold" despite the surrounding temperature and the AETN's temperature being around 30ºC.
I couldn't see how often it happend though...


Steps to Reproduce
I wasn't able to reproduce it at will

User Feedback

Surround it in abyssalite tile and fill it with 2000-3000g of Hydrogen.  See images below.  The first with just the AETN alone drops the temperature of petroleum about 8F.  The second with 3 worts drops it about 10F (I suspect the top wort isn't working).


AETN use 1.jpg

AETN use 2.jpg

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