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Anti Entropy Themo Nullifier won't run

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

My Anti Entropy won't run. It has some cooling steam 101C and the machine is at 96C. Error message says it is too cold. So the bug is either a bad error message or the machine not running

Anti Entropy quitting.sav

Steps to Reproduce
When the volcano went off it produced alot of steam and the machine quit. It is not hot enough though to be over the limit and the error message says it is too cold.

User Feedback

I used your second save.

I'm not sure, but it seems that removing the bottom deodorizer (right next to the AETN at the bottom) made it work again.

That or sweep everything, but I think the AETN needs a little space around it to function (the error message seems to be wrong, as it is absolutely not too cold).

At the time I write this, I think I discovered what was happening:

  1. The p.dirt/slime/... puts pO2 in the air.
  2. The deodorizer detect pO2, so it capture the pO2. (normal behavior)
  3. The tile is replaced by vacuum. (idem)
  4. The AETN detect that vacuum tile, and consider vacuum to be at -inf °C: the atmosphere around it is at -inf °C.
  5. The surrounding air fills that vacuum.
  6. The AETN doesn't detect this quick enough (as it waits before updating itself, normal behavior).
  7. Repeat at step 1.

So in a sense, the air around the AETN might be "too cold" for it to work.

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