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  1. It happened again with a new start. This time the surrounding area is room temperature. Not sure what is going on. It is the one in the cold biome. The upper one. The bottom one is currently flooded. Top anti-entropy bugged again.sav
  2. My Anti Entropy won't run. It has some cooling steam 101C and the machine is at 96C. Error message says it is too cold. So the bug is either a bad error message or the machine not running Anti Entropy quitting.sav
  3. Cosmic upgrade testing DB CU-271403 Just sheared two Glossy Dreckos which got me some plastic. It has a category on the right of Manufactured Material which I believe is a new category (like it!). There is no place to store it though. I know this was marked fixed back in September 2017. Did you possibly use some older files in this build? I earlier reported the same problem with the Balm Lily Flower.
  4. I have the identical issue.
  5. On the cosmic_upgrade_testing Development Build CU-271051 the lack of a storage space for the Balm Lily is back.
  6. PS. I just exited and restarted the game. Created a new colony and it works fine. Not sure what was going on.
  7. Just loaded a new game after working on a debug issue. It was a fresh start but I know I still have the debug text. I am only on cycle 2 but the dups are ignoring my sweep priority. I have cancelled and reinstated it many times and taken it up to level 9 and they just ignore it. The storage containers are on 5. Anyone else seen this after using debug? Yesterday was the first day using debug. I am on build 221865 Ignoring Priority.sav
  8. This technically is not a bug but I believe you have the wrong heat capacity value for Hydrogen. I know it is a game but most of the other gasses are correct (Oxygen is a little high according to this chart). Based on the chart I am including it should be 14.32 instead of 2.4 It appears you used the BTU unit one. Note: KJ/Kg is the same as J/g FLS Specific Heat Capacities of Gases.pdf
  9. I have had this same issue but the workaround is to select the Pincha Pepper under cooking ingredients. Deselect and reselect and the over all Cooking ingredient will change from the check mark to the dot. The dupes will no longer store Sleet Wheat there.
  10. I am using build 211867 I have a thermo regulator loop. I turn off the thermo regulator and the gas and pipes warm up slowly. After 4-5 days game time it is up to -40. I turn the loop back on and instantly the gas is back to a temp close to what it started at 4-5 days ago (-220 to -180). I haven't analyzed if there is any heat loss at all. It is the thermo loop on the left side (the one with the hydrogen in it). Supernova.sav
  11. The newest build 211579 appears to have broken the wheezewort plant. Where they start out is cold but new growth don't cool the surrounding area anymore. Bug or intentional? Beyond Cycle 57.sav
  12. Really? I rebuilt mine with everything including Wolframite and they all overheated inside of a day. Finally just started a new biome.
  13. I am having the opposite result at least on my two thermo regulators. They were running fine in 211417 and now they are overheating inside of the day.