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All Sandbox Tools Cause Crash

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Activating sandbox mode and clicking on any tool causes the client to freeze and Windows to show not responding alert. I have wiped all saves and started new, reinstalled the game altogether, and even reset tutorials to see if anything changed. I played for a bit without activating sandbox and it was fine, it also allows building sandbox items but once a tool like destroy or reveal is selected, the crash screen pops up and clicking anything there is even worse.

Steps to Reproduce
Open client, start new game, create playthrough with sandbox allowed, activate sandbox, click any tool, crash

User Feedback

Looks like one of my brush setting was set to 0 somehow? It popped up just before the last crash. I deleted the Klei folder in my user documents and restarted and everything reset just fine.

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This still exists and I also encountered it.

While trying to fill a room with 9999kg of hydrogen, I accidentally set my brush size to 9999 instead of the mass, which crashed the game for me. The settings file is Documents/Klei/OxygenNotIncluded/kplayerprefs.yaml, which you can edit with notepad or any other plain text editor. About 3/4 of the way down is `SandboxTools.BrushSize`, if yours is set to something stupid like 0 or 9999, change it to 1 and then start the game again. This way you don't have to delete the entire Klei folder, which wipes all your saves.

I'll throw in here that mass is a capped value; if you type in like 9999999999 it'll shrink you down to 9999. I don't see why this can't be done to brush size, especially since it's literally crashing the game.

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