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Algae from Distiller deleted upon reload

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Some algae produced by the Algae Distiller is deleted/lost on a reload. I can reproduce this in a way that isolates variables and can identify which piles of Algae are missing. I've waited out a full cycle with no recovery of the lost Algae.

I amassed 33 tonnes of Slime and started up the Distillers. 10 cycles later I had around 10 tonnes of Algae in reserve and ~600kg Slime. Saved and quit, started up again today, less than 2kg in Algae and 600kg Slime left. Lost 80% of algae upon a reload. Tried to reload all autosaves in the last few cycles, all of them had around 2kg Algae and the expected proportional loss of Slime.

Mozzopolis 3 Cycle 134.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Load this save, do nothing until dawn of cycle 135. Note the piles of Algae underneath the bottom right 2 Distillers. Should be [30,90,30,30] under the first and [30,30,30] under the second. Note the total Algae count. Should be 1743.3kg Load autosave for Cycle 135. Total will be 1653.3kg and the piles of Algae under the Distillers are [120] and [60]

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