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Airflow Tiles and Mesh Tiles built in space do not supress the "! Space Exposure" status for liquid and gasses they contain.

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Airflow tiles when built in space still allow the liquids or gasses in the tile to display the red warning "! Space Exposure" in their status. However, Airflow Tiles, and Mesh Tiles as well do not allow gasses or liquids inside them to escape to space. This is counterintuitive. I suggest that the "! Space Exposure" status for a tile be removed when a airflow or mesh tile is built in that location.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Build a drywalled pool for liquid in space with some of the lowest level drywall replaced with mesh tiles.

2. Fill the pool with liquid.

3. Click on a mesh tile until you select the liquid inside of the mesh tile.

4. Select the "Status" tab on the tile information display. Note that it says "! Space Exposure" warning that the liquid in this tile may be lost to space despite the mesh tile preventing it.

5. Click on a nearby drywalled tile with liquid in it until you select the liquid.

6. Select the "Status tab on the tile information display. Note that it does not include "! Space Exposure" warning.

User Feedback

I wan to add that this is true for all three door tiles as well: Pneumatic Door,.Manual Airlock, and Mechanized Airlock, and the warning is also displayed on the vacuum when the tiles don't have anything in them.

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