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  1. Can’t explode as long as oxygen is not included.
  2. Probably some sort of race condition. The docks with requests may not be protected from having a returning suit stored there, but if a dupe has already picked up the supply task perhaps it is. Less competing dupe tasks in sandbox.
  3. Well that's a difficult question. The ability for the engines to use the fuel in the liquid tank is a feature, as some engines don't have an internal fuel tank. On the other hand these particular interactions with engines that do have internal storage are probably not intended, and is broken in terms of balance. The steam engine for example blows every other rocket out of the water in terms of performance at 6 modules and 42 tiles of range, along with the fuel being super easy to manage, and abundant with guanteed geysers. The CO2 engine is not so crazy because at 3 modules you can't carry additional modules, and requires the cryogenics support. Similarly the small petroleum engine has no extra room for modules. The sugar engine is in an interesting place, because 9 range is pretty reasonable, and has 1 extra module slot, and requires you to melt the sucrose to load into the rocket. I would hope that while this may be a bug, that if they do fix it, they focus on the steam engine specifically and actually allow the others to remain as clever uses of game mechanics. PS: I recall something about being able to launch rockets with too many modules, if the engine is built last despite the red box in the checklist, but not sure about that, and it's definitely a bug if I am recalling correctly.
  4. Haha, nice. Seems obvious now that I think about it that the steam would work the same way.
  5. It's really not that bad. You have another 3 degrees on either side so it does not freeze until -59.5, and does not boil until -45.1, that's 14.4 degree range, and you can buffer it with Brine Ice Tempshift plates, at 800KG of 3.4 DTU/K/Kg/Tile. I would use closed loop hydrogen with Thermo Regulators, and to make it even easier, you can stabilize the cooling loop temperature with a Gas Reservoir. You could backfill the condensing chamber with hydrogen for thermal conductivity even if you accidentally freeze all of the CO2 you can run something warm through the pipes to melt it again.
  6. If the sugar engine can take liquid sucrose can the CO2 engine take liquid CO2?
  7. The challenges posed by taming the niobium volcano are substantially reduced if it outputs at temperatures normal heat management materials won't melt at. For myself, challenges like this one are the reason I still play the game.
  8. That would work for Tungsten, but the Niobium output rate makes it freeze to natural tiles instead of dropping on the ground and will tile over the volcano almost instantly when it goes active.
  9. I don't think there is much need to be concerned about new players first volcanic asteroid taming. Especially players who are playing without any external guides. There are a large multitude of problems that must be solved and many many mistakes will be made long before they ever get around to dealing with the problems of the basic temperatures of that asteroid. It's not even going to be on the radar of a new player to be concerned with. Problems of normal heat mechanics, boiling and freezing of materials, sustainability of water resouces and food, atmosphere issues, oxygen, etc, all much much closer to home. By the time they get to that point, they will have hundreds of hours and thousands of cycles of experience. If on the off chance that they do end up boiling the entire asteroid, and being locked out of more niobium (beyond the many tons you can dig out of the normal terrain), it will only be one of many issues that seem insurmountable to that experience level, so is really not going to upset them or they would have been scared off before this.
  10. What benefit does not allowing players to rely on them long term add to the game when Atmo Suits can be relied on long term and don't have said cost? Atmo suits already have many other advantages that give people reasons to upgrade, such as environmental protection, hot and cold protection, more oxygen, pipe input for pure oxygen, better checkpoint mechanics, avoidance of sopping wet and soggy feet debuffs, etc.
  11. The big question is what role should the oxygen mask fill? Only if the oxygen mask station is meant to be used very sparingly early game does it not need any changes. Right now atmo suits are superior in almost every way, and as long as the oxygen masks consume resouces, they will always be used sparingly and replaced with atmo suits at the earliest opportunity. I feel that in this case, the developers are making something different when they have a system in place already for atmo suits and jet suits and the new lead suits which works quite well. Perhaps there was problems with pulling in ambient atmosphere and accepting multiple gasses with the preexisting dock system, or perhaps they just wanted something different, but I think if they managed to make it work like the current docks, there would be a viable simpler alternative to full atmo suits even late game in areas that don't need the environmental protection.
  12. I don't think the cargo bay is really intended for bulk deliveries. The problem right now is it seems that the automation system is not quite complete, as there is the line on the solid rocket port of, "Uses the solid material filters set on the linked Rocket Platform." unless I am missing something, I have not found any solid material filters there. It also means that the rocket considers that the checklist is complete even without cargo being loaded. The intention there I believe is so set what you want the rocket to launch with, and it will wait until that is satisfied before the rocket will consider the checklist complete, and call an astronaut to the rocket in auto mode, and provide the green signal on the automation output. In the current state I agree with you that taking the cargo in command capsule is just as easy, but if it is changed to work the way I think it is intended to, then you set the desired goods for each round trip, and once those goods are available and loaded, the astronauts are called to the capsule, the rocket launches, unloads, launches again, then the astronaut can get out and maintenance can be done on the command capsule while goods are made available and the rocket loads again, once it finishes loading, the astronaut boards the capsule again for the next run, without any user interaction. Currently with the automation incomplete, this can't be done, so just loading it all into the command capsule is just as easy, but after the automation using a command capsule would be more difficult as, moving resources in and out of the command capsule without the cargo bay will require manually changing the capsule access mode to load and unload the rocket.
  13. Something to consider is that a lot of this is looking at the cargo bay based on the current balance of the DLC, but that will change as the more powerful rocket engines are released. The cost of one module is quite high right now on either of the available engines, and the benefits to automating a rocket supply route are low. The fact that the cargo module triggers the auto crew condition while unloading and loading gives it an automation advantage over storing cargo in the command capsule. If you are sending a load of resources one time, load them in the capsule, but if you are setting up an automated supply shuttle, the cargo bay provides a lot more control, and may not be as relatively costly when the rest of the rocket technologies return.
  14. I expect that pathfinding only looks at a doorway one way to avoid loops, so going into the rocket and leaving again to cross from one side to the other is not considered. While dupes can go from a nearby ladder to inside and vice versa, the spaceship is not actually a valid path for dupes so does not bridge the ladders on either side.