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AI breaking

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Short way, AI stopped doing anything, no one moved or did anything, even though building kept still doing their things. Everyone literally stopped, and kept doing their animation, but still standing still. I could move them, but if i would do it they would just stand there and keep doing animation they were doing before i moved them. This happened after night came cycle 90 and i just went off priority screen. After that i reloaded my game. After reload, everyone started to do job that was near to them, not with priority, just nearest. Which meant everyone started mobbing. Then I went to main menu, loaded game from there and everything went back to normal.

Reason seems to be perfect timing with priority order and night coming, i include few pictures of my priority screen if they could help, even though they were after i fixed it. Panicked and did not take pictures immediately. They were doing hydrogen piping in top when this happened. Hope this helps (:

I will also include my log file, it tryed to reproduce happening from cycle 89 two times but i could not do it. 

oxygen not included.pngOxygen not included 2.png

Steps to Reproduce
Make complex priority commands and make them happen same time when they are meant to go to sleep. It seems like it mixes AI commands and it will cause loop inside code that wont let it leave the job they are doing.

User Feedback

I got it again, and got no idea what is reasoning behind it.

They stopped doing anything, if they are in space where there is no air they start to suffocate but not move, they will get hypotermia but not move. I can still make them move by pointing them move command but basicly AI is not doing anything.

And if i click one of them to see what they are doing, it will pop multiple "in combat" messages even on pause.

I am kinda sure this "In combat" thing is the reason everything is broken in this scenario.

oxygen not included3.png

In compat.png

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So i got these morbs in place where they cant escape and there is dead body so they will spawn new one every once in while. The game gives my buddyes combat action with out my permission and my buddies want to attack but cant reach them. That will break the AI and everyone just stop mooving.

Reason why game is breaking.png

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mhm if it is combat , maybe disallow everyone from combat might temporary prevent it from happening again until they fix this problem...

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