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  1. AI breaking

    mhm if it is combat , maybe disallow everyone from combat might temporary prevent it from happening again until they fix this problem...
  2. ye they fixed that ^_^ basically nothing to worry about now , everything is plentiful
  3. I havent dug up a single one , if planter box does not you can try making a storage compactor with "sweep only , seeds:wheezewort" then sweep the seed... after that deconstruct the storage compactor ( not sure if it works =/ but thats how im doing my blossoms atm ) [7-8days to auto replant itself](not too sure ) May or may not work ...
  4. Alright , i'll look up on your thread =P thanks for the info~
  5. Wheezewortz + ice biome? Also try using gold to build it , not sure if you can...i only remember using gold on batteries. Also carbon dioxide trap heats...
  6. Does this mean no more solid oxygen? =(
  7. Does anyone knows whether the airlock doors still destroys air whenever it open and closes? I cant figure it out myself... maybe a confirmation , thanks a bunch~
  8. if blossom does not work for you then ...the solution which i will never be doing which is to eat dirt+water and frying them maybe LOL ( if u get what i mean since u played the game ) ;P
  9. okay , the point is ...there is an infinite source of water called steam geyser , as long as this op shyt exist you will never run out of water which means more contaminated water , which = to more fertilizer =p the bottleneck will be how many geyser u can find on the map you generated those plants are fruits since...dupes never need to drink any water lul =p
  10. T^T ... cycle 70 and i need to redesign which will make base not "symmetrical" which ...means restart =/ or ...struggle rip really lul they work even though there wasnt water ...i think it means the "block" submerged , dont have to be filled like mine , i just had tons of contaminated water... btw they give fiber...for clothes.. not food =/
  11. hint hint , use blossoms now =/ they want you to manage the temperature between 12-22.5 ~
  12. I doubt this was intended though...
  13. OH they do? then thats great , no issue at all =) no wonder i see bunch of seeds lying at my colony's mess table. Though my colony is doomed..i just realized them disappearing too late , thought it was some bug =( CHANGING FOOD SOURCE TO BLOSSOMS...
  14. Ever seen a plant where you cant get back their seeds? luls , im just really confused right now cos it is too illogical =/ but thanks for info ~ cheers