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Abyssalite transferring heat

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I have a petroleum boiler that was creating sour gas for no apparent reason. After lots of troubleshooting, I observed that with every drop of petrol placed on a certain Abyssalite tile, it would decrease in temperature and boil the petroleum. The tile in question is the right-most tile of the three that form the bottom-most layer of the petroleum boiler in the attached save file. 1647868104_ColonyofFaith.thumb.png.e691d42304cbb9fb4d923fc07a3bf492.png

Colony of Faith.sav

Steps to Reproduce

It happens by itself in the save file I have included. I don't know what I did to make it happen. I was just playing the game. Far from being unable to reproduce, I can't seem to make it stop!! It appears to only happen when the petrol is dropped directly onto the abyssalite tile. It doesn't appear to occur with adjacent tiles.

The bug occurred on my PC with [minor, QoL] MODS, my Steam Deck with MODS, and my PC *without* MODS.

User Feedback

Abyssalite doesn't actually have 0 thermal conductivity like some representations of the TC show, you're likely running into what's commonly known as "Flaking":

Can't tell from the screenshot provided, specifically, but if you examine the abyssalite, and it's of significantly high temperature, this will most likely be the cause. You'll want to remove it and replace it with an insulated tile. Carefully, if any lava behind it is under pressure

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The description is 100% inline with the intended partial evaporation mechanic. It can be frustrating when first encountering it, but it's also a fun mechanic in the game to play with. You opened a new pandora's box (maybe you didn't want to). 

I would call this "works as intended" rather than a bug. 

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This is because the game's "forced phase transition" mechanism,ignores the thermal conductivity of the material. Please replace the abyslite with heat insulation bricks.

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