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A problem occurred initializing your audio device - no audio driver bug - possible FMOD issue - workaround suggested

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Fixed

I have just returned to this game after not playing for 6-12 months. I downloaded the DLC and started the game. Before that I never had issues and my system configuration did not change much.

I get no audio. Looking at the log files, the following error appears: 
[FMOD] Studio::System::initialize returned ERR_OUTPUT_INIT, defaulting to no-sound mode.

A little digging and this seem to be related to: https://qa.fmod.com/t/err-output-init-on-windows-2-02-05/18232/12

I my case the issue was not with the NVIDIA High Definition Audio device, instead I had to disable the DroidCam Virtual Audio to workaround the issue.Player.log

It would be great if I didnt have to disable this manually and the audio did not crash





Steps to Reproduce

Open the latest version of the game Spaced Out (498381-r1757) with DroidCam Virtual Audio device enabled in the windows audio preferences.

Game opens with no sound and error message.

Check log and "[FMOD] Studio::System::initialize returned ERR_OUTPUT_INIT, defaulting to no-sound mode." will be listed as a problem

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

We are looking into upgrading FMOD in a future update. It's not going to be in Fast Friends, which is going out tomorrow. Our sound designer is interested in some new features too.

Thanks for digging up the relevant FMOD thread.

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I experienced no audio today and that same error message when playing ONI. Sound was working well in other games.

Fixed by reading that thread. The workaround is to disable unnecessary/unused audio devices, leaving the one I actually use (speakers)

In my case, neither of my 2 monitors have speakers but both of them had created audio devices on windows. I disabled them.

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Changed Status to Fixed

We upgraded FMOD and it should be fixed in the next update but we don't have a way to test it.

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