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3076 mcg meal lice

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Each time the dubs eat meal lice there will be a tiny meal lice piece left on ground (3036 mcg). Then the next day when they're hungry, instead of getting the 1000 kcal worth of meal lice from other spot, they will pick up the 3036 mcg meal lice piece and eat it for 1 second, gaining around 1kcal. If there were 8 dubs all ate meal lice the other day, there will be 8 pieces of 3036 mcg meal lice, and it will take around a minute for a dub to pick up all the meal lice pieces, eat them, and get a total of 8 kcal.

I tried to solve this by using a sweeper dock, so at least they will only need to pick up one larger chunk of meal lice piece, but seems the sweeper also failed to unload the piece into its dock due to its small weight.  

Screenshot (308).png

Steps to Reproduce

Normal gameplay

User Feedback

Yeah, sweepy gets stuck trying to unload amounts that are micro... I put this in a while ago.

I could recommend using an autosweeper and a refrigerator, even if unpowered. Dupes should also dump some manageable amounts to pad into a workable amount.

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