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100+% CPU usage when paused

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I'm experiencing 100+% CPU utilization when running ONI when the game is paused. I get that the game is resource intensive, but why would it keep taxing the CPU so hard when paused? I've had it paused for 30 minutes now and the CPU is still at 100%. At the rate that ONI chews through my battery when not plugged in, my M1 MBA (which is otherwise very energy efficient) often runs out of battery pretty quickly and is burning hot on the bottom... for running ONI while paused...? Is this a bug? :chargrined:



Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 11.21.01.png

Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 11.44.53.png

Steps to Reproduce

Launch game, run, pause the game, look at CPU utilization through Activity Monitor.

User Feedback

Almost all systems of Oxygen Not Included run while paused, even if there is nothing to do. If battery life matters to you, save and quit the game; in some cases the "Fast Track" mod can also reduce calculations when paused.

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But... why? If the game is paused and nothing changes then there is nothing *new* to calculate?

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