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庄严之魂 成就 无法完成

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4,   一定周期前可以完成 一定周期后无法完成



Steps to Reproduce
在正常玩游戏,开完遗迹发现 庄严之魂没有完成

User Feedback

On 12/5/2019 at 4:10 PM, klei.ruby said:

So we had a look and found that there is some weirdness that was introduced in the performance update!

The only way to trigger the achievement consistently is if you reveal a POI with bio scan access (so that it gets spawned), and then enter it in the same play session. All other cases will probably not work as intended, right now.

This is fixed and should be in the next hotfix, so that it's consistent again.
Thanks for the details and the reports!

Also can you please provide the output_log and save files?


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