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When Finishing Run, Game Always Crashes, Zero Possibility for Progression

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I'm having a bug on switch. I've been playing this game a ton since launch, so this may be a progression related bug in some way. Anyways, every time I end the game (either from the menu, or if i die, or if I finish a run), the game will not show my progression statistics, etc, but instead will tell me that the game encountered an error and then crash back to the Switch main menu. This happens every single time. There is no way for me to finish a run.

The run I was on will stay on as an unfinished save. Thus I no longer have any way to make any progression in game because none of my runs ever end.

Steps to Reproduce

I don't know what caused this initially, but the game crashes literally every time I play it at the end of a run now. 

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I have the same exact problem as you, I decided to play with this to find out if it has a cause. Guess what my my progress is all gone now. Just to be sure don't play your game until they fix this, or your safe might get cleared too

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