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  1. I have encountered this issue again, this time after a different experience. I am the original author of this thread: No Run Can Be Completed by Abandoning, Dying, or Successful Completion This time I had accidentally closed out the game to the switch menu using the home button and confirming I wanted to close the software immediately after selecting a reward card from the first negotiation with the admiralty officer in Smith's story Inheritance at prestige 2 wearing the gambler outfit with the following perks equipped: expanded assortment, socializer, and resolute III. When I rebooted, there was no run in progress, so I started a new one with the same choices listed above. In the middle of the first battle, I decided to abandon the run from the menu as I had meant to pick negotiation instead of battle. I then received the black screen with the error message "The software was closed because an error occurred." Now I cannot finish any run by dying, abandoning from menu, or successful completion with any character in any game mode. When I first opened the software again, I had an inheritance day 1 run listed as in progress at 0%, which basic started over but then errored out again when I attempted to abandon the run. I then started the software again, deleted the in progress run, and tried to start a new Smith run and abandon, only to receive the same black screen and error message. Abandoning the run can only be done before the first conversation or battle takes place, but obviously then there is no exp or anything to receive, though it does successfully return to the title menu. This is how I was able to clear the in progress run, as I tried AGAIN, this time deleting the in progress run, starting a new one, then abandoning when met with the first choice of drafting a negotiation or battle card. The only fix I found before was to completely wipe the game and its save data from my switch AND the cloud storage and redownload and start completely fresh. Having done this before, I would really like to avoid it this time, as even now I still haven't regained all the lost compendium progress I originally had. My last completed run is showing as having ended on 9/16. I have played multiple times since then, including today (9/17) and abandoning a run successfully before it even started, but that is not listed as a finished run. I currently have 114 runs listed in my run history. I have no active runs. I've included a picture of the run history screen. Let me know if you need any other information from me to help diagnose and hopefully fix this. I really love this game, and it would be a shame to have to start all my progress over again, and to be frank, at this point I'm not sure I want to if this is just gonna happen again.
  2. Hi @skyjeremy, I unfortunately saw this too late. I was able to "fix" the issue by completely deleting my entire saved data and redownloading the game. However I can give you most of the information you ask for. 1. This occured in version 1.0.2. 2. I fully closed the game at various points throughout, including deleting the game and redownloading it (before removing my save data). 3. I was able to resolve the issue by taking the nuclear option: deleting all saved data and using a fresh download of the game. I can now finish runs and progress. 4. I was not sure how many runs I had in my history, but at the time I had 3 active runs, all of them from the videos that I had uploaded. Also, not sure if you saw it, I had to make another edit to the steps for reproducing, since the main cause seemed to be the daily challenge thing. I've put the steps again below for clarity's sake. Let me know if you need anything else from me. Steps to Reproduce 1. Start a daily challenge. 2. Pause the daily challenge. 3. Complete the daily challenge in any way AFTER the daily challenge has rolled over to show a different daily challenge. 4. Start any run with any character. 5. End the run by death, abandoning the run from menu, or completing the run successfully. Expected result: Error message and crash to switch menu screen
  3. Every time I end the game (from the menu, death, or successfully completing a run), the screen will freeze, then go black, and will show the message that an error then crash back to the Switch main menu. This happens every single time. There is no way for me to finish a run. The videos I included below shows a Smith brawl run, first fight, ending in death and then the software crashes, and a Sal campaign run, fight in first quest, exit by menu+abandon run also ending the same error/crash. ((EDIT: I've added another video that shows a victory Sal brawl run that also ends in this error.)) The runs will stay on as an unfinished save. I can start it again but once I try to end it it will simply crash and show the message again. Edit: I would like to add prior to the last switch update, I had been lucky enough not to encounter this issue until about a week or two before it was patched. After the patch, I did not encounter this issue again until some time had passed. It started occuring after I pause in the middle of a daily challenge, then completed the daily challenge AFTER it had already rolled over into a new one. Since then I have not been able to complete any run in campaign, brawl, or challenge. PXL_20210716_142848098~2.mp4 PXL_20210716_144001868.mp4 PXL_20210719_033216506.mp4
  4. I am also having this exact problem, which I thought had been fixed in the last update.
  5. I actually had this problem before the 1.0.2 patch and it was fine until recently when it popped up again. I can play but I can't end a run in any way; dying early, abandoning, or completing. I tried both archiving and completely deleting the game data and redownloading the software but it hasn't helped.