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Smith's dialogue not presented properly

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You've probably heard about the Rise sympathizers here in the Pearl.
It's so typical of our domestics: aspire to grandeur but cast their lot with the debt-dodgers and contractors in the rest of Havaria.
We got dibs on wanting a better life?
The only better life for them is in Deltree, and they're welcome to buy themselves a one-way ticket.
I have a list of the suspects here. I want you to confront them, put an end to their plans.
And make an example of them, for anyone who might be getting titchy.


It should be "player" instead of "smith".

This causes the dialogue fail to pop up properly. 

Steps to Reproduce

Activate the dialogues stated in ‪CONVO.SIDE_SMITH_EDEN_FROM_THE_TOP.DIALOG_INTRO.

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