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Smith Status Card End of Day Cause Black Screen

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Whenever I have the status cards from hunger and sleeping "sleep it off" the monitor turns black. The signal still comes through because the sound effect plays, but the animation in this screen causes a really irritating black screen. I'm only tested this on Smith. 

Steps to Reproduce

Have a status of bloated, drunk, etc. and sleep. 

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I'm looking into this issue, and having some trouble reproducing it. I have a couple of questions that might lead to a clue:

1) Does this happen every time, or do you have to click a certain way to make it happen?

2) What can you tell me about your hardware setup? Specifically, what graphics card do you have, and are your drivers updated?



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It happens almost every time, on day 1 it sometimes doesn't happen I believe. Its not a specific click pattern. I've confirmed it happens with Sal as well. Happens every day with her so far but I play less with her.

I'm using a GeForce GT 1030 and yes drivers are updated. Use a tomahawk b350 with a ryzen 5 3600. Its a 2 month old build

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