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Shill Cost text invisible when assigned to cards

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On Switch, when facing a character that has the ability to assign a Shill cost to the playing of a card, the text on the card is *almost always* invisible. _Sometimes_ you can cause the cost text to come back by cycling around the "focus" of your selection, and sometimes the text will come back in the "full hand" view but not the "zoomed in" (_not_ "more info," just pulled forward) view of the card. This would almost be playable, but generally when the card is in the "full hand" view, any Shill cost text is unreadable because it is off the bottom of the viewing area.

 EDIT: This is a duplicate of the bug outlined here: 


Steps to Reproduce

Face a merchant/shopkeeper class in a Negotiation that has the ability to make your cards cost Shills to play. Try moving the selector around to different cards, and you may see the extra text for the shill-cost appear/disappear (or you may not see any shill cost anywhere, even though one has been assigned to a card).

User Feedback

Thanks for reporting the issue.  This bug has been resolved and will be fixed in an upcoming patch.  Stay tuned!

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