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Sal can apply bleed to herself with Buster + Shock Core

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

If Sal has the Buster graft installed, she can apply the bleed debuff to herself using the Shock Core item card from the Spark Barons' death loot, as it deals damage to herself and can break her block if you didnt apply enough. I had it happen during a combo focused run against a boss. It ruined my chances to build combo for two turns.

I sent an in-game feedback report about this, but I dont think it was actually sent since sometime in the middle of my playthrough my internet went out and I didnt notice until I had my fill of Griftlands. I dont know where to go to get the log for that specific run.

Steps to Reproduce
Have the Buster Graft installed, have 4 or less defense applied on Sal, and use the Shock Core item to get rid of your defense by your own attack.
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