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On Switch, ZL action to inspect arguments/fighter is missing.

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On switch, the ZL trigger no longer does anything in negotiations or battles. In a negotiation, there is no ZL on the bottom bar where all of the other commands are noted. This means there is no way to examine arguments or intents during negotiations, or to examine fighters and their statuses during battles. Also, ZR still works to examine an individual during conversations, but it is not possible to scroll though their description and read past the top of the page, or examine their loot cards.

Steps to Reproduce

Start a Rook game on Switch, prestige 2, normal mode. ZL should be missing from negotiations and battles. 

User Feedback

This has changed since the 1.0.3 update:

To examine arguments/intents during negotiations, or fighters and statuses during battle, use the R toggle and manually move the cursor to whichever thing you want to examine.

To scroll down when already examining an individual, use ZL+R toggle.

In fact, these 2 commands are listed at the bottom left: R: Inspect and ZL+R: Scroll Dialog.


To examine loot cards and also grafts from Plocka, use the R toggle and manually hover over the Yellow font of the grafts/cards: the card will pop up. I opened a thread about this but no one responded, and ultimately found out for myself.

I still haven't found out how to examine the loot rewards in the screen immediately after a Battle/Negotiation. The above only works in the dialog looking screens, where you get quest rewards (rather than battle rewards).

Hope this helps.

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