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  1. This has changed since the 1.0.3 update: To examine arguments/intents during negotiations, or fighters and statuses during battle, use the R toggle and manually move the cursor to whichever thing you want to examine. To scroll down when already examining an individual, use ZL+R toggle. In fact, these 2 commands are listed at the bottom left: R: Inspect and ZL+R: Scroll Dialog. -- To examine loot cards and also grafts from Plocka, use the R toggle and manually hover over the Yellow font of the grafts/cards: the card will pop up. I opened a thread about this but no one responded, and ultimately found out for myself. I still haven't found out how to examine the loot rewards in the screen immediately after a Battle/Negotiation. The above only works in the dialog looking screens, where you get quest rewards (rather than battle rewards). Hope this helps.
  2. Not sure if this is a bug. Crossposted from General Discussion (no responses there so far): Initially had the problem but that was due me not figuring out what to do, but since the 1.0.3 Switch update, the problem is here again, and I still can't figure out how to see what Graft it is I am buying. Thank you.
  3. Sorry it's me again. I think an update just dropped for the Switch a day or so a go (?1.0.3; tried to look for patch notes and can't find any), and a number of the button commands have changed. I'm running into my original issue again. I can't find which button that shows what grafts Plocka is selling. Compared to my original post, the "L R cycle links" command is not there anymore. On a similar but separate issue, how do I tell what each item does, in the reward screen if I've killed the enemy in the battle? Unless I inspected the enemy during the battle, there is no way to tell what the card is when you're in the reward screen? In this example picture, how do I tell what "Drusk Core" does? Thank you.
  4. got it. i knew it was somethig obvious i missed! thank you.
  5. Apologies if this has been asked (unable to find such thread if so) or if I'm missing something completely obvious. Playing on Switch; when buying Grafts from Plocka, how do I know what the Grafts do? All it shows are the names of the Grafts, but not what they do. Even the wiki (which I should not have to use to play the game) doesn't have a complete list of all the Grafts. Thank you.