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Game crashes when I complete run

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I beat the final boss of Rook's run on second Prestige, at which point the game crashed once the epilogue was finished. When I loaded it up, I was back before the fight. I won it again, and then the game crashed a second time. Cannot progress. This is the fifth time I've gotten to an ending but the first time it's crashed. 

Steps to Reproduce

1) Finish run. 

2) Have the game crash on its own. 

User Feedback

Same I'm running into the same problem. Redownloading and switching between system and microsd card memories did not fix it either.

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I actually had this problem before the 1.0.2 patch and it was fine until recently when it popped up again. I can play but I can't end a run in any way; dying early, abandoning, or completing.


I tried both archiving and completely deleting the game data and redownloading the software but it hasn't helped.

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