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Two kinds of crash

  • Version: Console Pending

I have 2 files with over a thousand days on xbox one console. On the first one, I can move for 3 seconds before it gives me a lua script reading or something and its stuck on that warning prompt. This crash is in shipwrecked. So I decided to wait until hamlet bc maybe i can just eat the file and it would be accessible once it happens. I started another file and while in shipwrecked, after loading, my character remarks its about to be nighttime, right as the sun is coming up, and crashes within 1 second. No error screen, just frozen. 2 very invested files are in limbo. I dont use mods. Both files are worlds with seaworthy connected. If the skyworthy fixes this, thats cool. I already submitted an xbox report bug message. I did it about 3 months ago on the first crash. But no response. I didnt post on forums, though. This time i am, and my second file crashed two days ago, and i reported the bug and sent my files yesterday. 

Steps to Reproduce
Just two worlds with shipworthy. No mods. No excessive glitching or anything. Thevolder has a lua error screen. The newer just freezes on load.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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