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Packim Baggims and inventory items

  • Version: Android Pending

I have a lot of problems with the pocket edition in the game Do not Starve Shipwrecked and I want to show the ones that make the game more difficult and frustrate me a lot.

i have Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime+

I have increased the storage capacity of Packim Baggims by feeding it with fish as it should be but the three extra spaces have appeared off the screen..

Screenshot_20180718-100106.thumb.png.28414118c903dc5d3bd5f9482e31c717.pngThe second problem occurs when I try to throw an object to the ground. As shown in the image, the object must hold it up to the top of the screen. This only happens when I have the backpack equipped.Screenshot_20180718-103542.thumb.png.76b67cf65d77431e961b5b6a314cb153.png




Steps to Reproduce
If i want to throw an item to the ground i just throw my backpack. With the extra spaces out of the screen i can't do nothing.

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