Multiple Issues

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The following is a list of bugs I've frequently encountered lately, listed from the most severe to mild, all in the same save file:

1. Very frequent crashes occurring usually when either logging in the game, switching from SW/RoG, or returning to RoG from a cave map. 

The game completely freezes - no error log, no "Don't Starve has stopped working" - it is just frozen, with only background noises playing; to relog I have to restart my computer. 

2. Worlds out of sync/bugged day counter: 

The day counter in my worlds is completely out of sync. For example, in SW, it's day 560, in RoG - day 600, and in the Volcano, it's as far back as day 340. The day counter messes up especially after previously said crashes ensue: I switch from SW/RoG/cave, the game crashes, and upon reloading, logs into the state the world was in before the world/cave switch (reverting to the previous season), and the day counter lags behind. Very annoying. 

3. My map resets from time to time when switching worlds and loading the game. To compensate, I have to play with the whole map revealed (cheating), it's very, very annoying.

4. Hound/Crocodog attacks are bugged after switching between worlds/cave. Only 1 hound/crocodog spawns for 1 wave. Very weird.

Additionally, hounds seem to spawn outside of the world map (in the ocean) in SW-linked RoG worlds.

Thank you very much and I hope this could be fixed soon.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Switch worlds, game freezes/crashes shortly after 2. Same as 1 3. Same as 1,2... 4. Wait for hound/crocodog attack.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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