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  1. This happens when you spend a lot of time in a merged world and jump into the other. I do not advice staying beyond 50 days in one world - SW/RoG hops after a long time spent in either will ruin your game as the game fails to load the other world. Happened to me too and it was heartbreaking, no solution I know of at the moment. Sorry. Seems like you're gonna have to start a new game
  2. The following is a list of bugs I've frequently encountered lately, listed from the most severe to mild, all in the same save file: 1. Very frequent crashes occurring usually when either logging in the game, switching from SW/RoG, or returning to RoG from a cave map. The game completely freezes - no error log, no "Don't Starve has stopped working" - it is just frozen, with only background noises playing; to relog I have to restart my computer. 2. Worlds out of sync/bugged day counter: The day counter in my worlds is completely out of sync. For example, in SW, it's day 560, in RoG - day 600, and in the Volcano, it's as far back as day 340. The day counter messes up especially after previously said crashes ensue: I switch from SW/RoG/cave, the game crashes, and upon reloading, logs into the state the world was in before the world/cave switch (reverting to the previous season), and the day counter lags behind. Very annoying. 3. My map resets from time to time when switching worlds and loading the game. To compensate, I have to play with the whole map revealed (cheating), it's very, very annoying. 4. Hound/Crocodog attacks are bugged after switching between worlds/cave. Only 1 hound/crocodog spawns for 1 wave. Very weird. Additionally, hounds seem to spawn outside of the world map (in the ocean) in SW-linked RoG worlds. Thank you very much and I hope this could be fixed soon.
  3. Sometimes when I play my SW Wigfrid save file, my game crashes without any reason. It happens most frequently when I am in my base island - a tidal marsh (populated with merms, fishermerms, tidal pools and water beefalo). There is no error file screen; the game just stops working and crashes, and game progress is reversed to the last autosave point. Sometimes the crashes are followed by bugged, repeating sounds. The crashes are very annoying and distracting, I would like to know what causes them and how to stop them. Thank you in advance.
  4. This is an issue I've noticed in many of my save files, and many people might have experienced this bug, too. The day counter can go off when moving from the Volcano to the SW world. A few examples I've experienced are these: 1. Entered Volcano on day 121, exited on day 124. The game crashed and closed, upon reloading the save it said I'm still on day 121. The game luckily reloaded the save (I lost a save file to a similar issue before) and sent me back on day 121 with all my loot from the Volcano. No damage occured but it was still annoying. 2. Entered Volcano on day 130, upon loading the Volcano the day counter said I'm on (about) day 1200 on world 1 (my world was Shipwrecked 6-1200). Again, no damage occured to the file but it was a very obvious, annoying bug. The game seems to crash often when moving between Shipwrecked and the Volcano and all these day counter problems follow the crashes. I'm very scared of going to the Volcano again as I'm scared the bugs could get worse like the gamebreaking glitch I mentioned before. I really hope it could be fixed. Thank you!
  5. Something similar happened to me by moving worlds through Seaworthy, although I didn't even get the error message, the game just crashes after loading the save I think it could be because of unsynchronized time/days between RoG and SW, but that's only a guess.... No idea how to fix it though.
  6. Went from SW to RoG via Seaworthy on day 1256. Went back to SW on day 1327, but the game crashed when it loaded the SW world. When I tried to reload my save file, it said "Shipwrecked 3-1256" (instead of 1327). The save file won't load and will crash every time I try to open it. Worth noting that I did not have a backup prior to the crash, would like to know if I can restore my world or my previous save file, or dismerge the RoG and SW worlds somehow... I really really don't want to lose my favorite 1300+ days world... Below is my SW file prior to merging the worlds. Thanks in advance for the help. shipwrecked_5